Justin Hoenke Interview, Part Deux

Hello everyone! Well it looks like Good Day Maine totally copied the Young Librarian Series and decided that Justin Hoenke is a man with a plan who just needs a platform! In all seriousness, congratulations on the excellent interview Justin! It’s so exciting that you are spreading the good word on teen librarianship and your… Continue reading Justin Hoenke Interview, Part Deux

Information Activist

Anthony Molaro is the 30 year old Head of Tech Services and Automation at the Messenger Public Library in Illinois, co-founder of the Chicago Deskset and a Doctoral student at Dominican University, Graduate School of Information and Library Science. He was interviewed for The Young Librarian Series, just after this article was originally published in… Continue reading Information Activist

Blog Highlight: Ink and Vellum

John M. Jackson is a 28 year old MLIS student and cataloging supervisor for the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He blogs about academic libraries and information literacy at Ink and Vellum. You can follow him on Twitter as johnxlibris. When people ask what I do, I love to give them my official… Continue reading Blog Highlight: Ink and Vellum

Vise Library Videos

Amber Woodard is the Library Technical Assistant at the Vise Library at Cumberland University in Lebanon, Tennessee. As one-half of the “Vise Squad,” Amber is constantly trying to think of clever ways to draw students, faculty, and staff into the library. She’s 26 going on 15 and can be reached at awoodard[at sign]cumberland[dot]edu. I worked… Continue reading Vise Library Videos

Blog Highlight: The Dean Files

Jason Dean is a 27 year old MSLIS student, working at the Amon Carter Museum library. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife, Jen, and their cat, Cosby. You can check out his blog, The Dean Files, or send him an email to jason.dean[at]me[dot]com. Hello fellow young librarians! My name is Jason Dean,… Continue reading Blog Highlight: The Dean Files

A Librarian in a Children’s Library

Elizabeth Davis a 28 year old children’s outreach librarian at the Lackawana County Children’s Library, in Scranton, PA.   You can follow her on twitter, or on facebook or email her at elizabethhdavis[at sign]gmail[dot]com. Being a children’s librarian is an amazing job that requires a lot of patience, flexibility and is never boring.  For one… Continue reading A Librarian in a Children’s Library